Safari: Ater’s Latest Thermal Carafe for the “Via Veneto” Brand

We are excited to introduce Safari, the new thermal carafe by Ater, specifically designed to be marketed under our own “Via Veneto” brand. Crafted with top-quality thermoplastic materials (ABS and SAN), certified for food contact, Safari offers incomparable quality and durability.

Safari features an internal refill made of double-walled silver-coated Vacuum glass, providing exceptional thermal insulation. Additionally, it is equipped with a smart lock cap that only opens during pouring and automatically closes afterward, ensuring convenience and functionality. With this construction system, beverages stay hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

With its modern Italian design, Safari stands out for its elegant lines and contemporary aesthetics. The transparency of the details made in SAN adds a touch of sophistication, making this carafe collection truly unique.

Whether you’re hosting a business meeting or simply enjoying a moment of relaxation at home, Safari promises to enhance your beverage experience.