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ATER is an Italian family company operating internationally since 1976 in the field of top design houseware and giftware Arnaldo Terracciano, founder and Chairman, has run the Company since it was established, leading it to stand out in the main international markets, respecting the tradition of the “Made in Italy” style and passing the baton, as a sign of continuity, to his son Simone Terracciano, present CEO of the Company, who is in turn preparing the integration of the new generation.


Developing and distributing worldwide innovative thermal products. Implementing high quality products featured by Italian style and design.


Everything starts from an idea, from creativity, from a simple sketch taking shape and, thanks to the know-how that’s been acquired, “becomes” an innovative object. This is each time a fantastic emotion, involving and stimulating us to always do better. We are convinced that beauty is a value. In a successful product, the bond between design and functionality is then making the difference, this is why we constantly engage ourselves in identifying “the” detail in the shape of a product or in the use of a color, resulting in a unique and appealing object.


Through the years ATER products have been marketed in more than 60 countries in the world under the brand “Enjoy – The Italian Way of Living”. This has become a worldwide known trademark for the production of houseware, thermal containers for cooked food and vacuum jugs for drinks.


We focus on this aspect with particular care. All our products are meant to last through the years or to substitute the use of disposable food containers of plastic bottles. The thermal function of our products is preserving the temperature of food / drinks without the use of further energy to re-heat or cool down.


All our products are food-contact certified by international accredited laboratories, under the ruling laws of EU. All the materials we use are first quality. They do not contain phthalates or bisphenol.

Azienda Ater
Azienda Ater
Azienda Ater
Azienda Ater
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