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The number of people bringing lunch to work using a Lunch Box is growing rapidly. The reasons are many: diet, food intolerances, wish for healthy food, savings, etc.

The offer on the market is wide. You can find on the market lunch boxes for children of different shapes and sizes and even electric lunch boxes, which however require for the availability of an electrical source and time to heat the food.

The main advantage of a lunchbox is to provide a container that allows the easy and safe transport of food to work or to school.
Yes, that’s right, safe and hygienic are two fundamental words for a Lunch Box.

Why use a thermal Lunch Box and not a simple Lunchbox or food container
Did you know that consuming food that has not been stored at the correct temperature or not transported and protected properly can cause problems?
Several studies show that bacteria multiply exponentially between 5 ° and 65 °, for this reason it is essential to use a thermal Lunch Box which, if used correctly, allows to limit the proliferation of bacteria harmful to health.

The category of thermal lunch boxes includes several products that are defined in different ways:

insulated bento box or insulated box for lunch, thermos for food or bento box (terms deriving from product brands)

Enjoy thermal lunch boxes have been designed for this purpose, they keep food hot or cold for up to 3 hours!
They are also spill-proof, stackable, thanks to the silicone gasket and valve they are airtight and can be used in the microwave for heating.

The thermal properties of thermal containers can vary according to many factors, such as the type of food stored inside, its temperature, filling level, environment temperature.

The declared thermal performance of Enjoy thermal Lunch Boxes (up to 3 hours) is based on test results and is a prudential indication.
In fact, if the Enjoy thermal lunchboxes are pre-heated or pre-cooled according to the instructions and filled to the maximum capacity, they can reach a higher thermal performance.

Here are some features that make Enjoy lunch boxes unique:

  • Double wall insulation with welded edges and high intensity EPS insulating core. This technology guarantees top-class performance and allows use in microwaves and dishwashers
  • additional internal lid, with silicone gasket and valve, which guarantees airtightness and maximum hygiene, allowing you to use the Lunch Box directly in the refrigerator to cool food, and to insert it in the microwave (only for heating)
  • side hooks and folding upper handles that ensure the perfect closure of the lid, the stacking and hooking of multiple lunchboxes (up to 3), allowing for easy transport of multiple dishes, even hot and cold at the same time.
  • square shape with a large upper opening, which also allows the insertion of sandwiches / toasts and makes it easy to eat the dishes directly from the container

Some tips to make the best use of Lunch Boxes

  • possibly pre-heat it or pre-cool it with water
  • always fill the thermal container to the maximum capacity and remember: the less air remains inside the longer the thermal performance.
  • if you use the container in the refrigerator, remove the upper thermal lid leaving only the internal one to allow the cold to reach the food.
  • if you use the lunch box to heat in the microwave, remove the upper thermal lid leaving only the internal one and open the special valve, to allow the steam to escape during the heating phase (max 2 min.)
  • always transport the container in an upright position
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