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Thermal food containers have now become commonplace

Known by different names such as: insulated food containers, thermos, thermos for food, hot food containers, they all belong to the same category and are available in many homes.

They are essential to keep hot or cold dishes at the correct temperature for consumption, to transport them hygienically and, in the case of Enjoy thermal containers, to serve them at the table with style and elegance.

Why they keep hot or cold

Although there are many different products and materials, the principle is always the same: the thermal food container forms a barrier, isolating the food from the external temperature, thus slowing down the heat exchange between the inside and the external environment of the container.

What makes Enjoy insulated food containers unique

The Tuttocaldo line allows multiple functions in a single product: you cook in the oven, keep the temperature of your hot or cold dishes, transport them wherever you want and serve them with elegance.

Our company, Ater, invented and patented this line of thermal containers several years ago, with an oven ceramic or pyrex baking dish that allows you to cook in the oven and then insert the baking dish directly into the insulated container for the before mentioned uses.

All our thermal products, in addition to our Tuttocaldo line, are unique in terms of design, construction features and materials used.

Why use an Enjoy insulated food container

  • When you have a party, do you often spend your time in the kitchen, while your wife is pleasantly entertaining guests?
    Don’t just cook for them, socialize with your guests thanks to the Enjoy insulated container
  • Do you enjoy preparing new recipes or exotic foods to take them to social parties or family gatherings, only to have then spoiled by being cold?
    Enjoy hot food hours after you have prepared it, thanks to the Enjoy insulated container.
  • Do you think that the pan you are using for your new recipes is not exactly dinner table worthy?
    Enjoy the compliments they will give you on your Enjoy thermo container

Enjoy thermal food containers are ideal:

  • for daily use, especially when family members come home at different times (office, school, etc.), avoiding you to continually reheat food and, on the other hand, allowing for good preservation of flavor and properties nutrients as well as saving energy and time.
  • at dinner with friends. By preparing your meal in advance, you will avoid spending all your time in the kitchen while friends are having an interesting conversation
  • on the occasion of social or family gatherings. You will find it simple, hygienic and elegant to bring special recipes or a dessert.
  • as a new complement to kitchen furnishings. The Tuttocaldo Enjoy design is so captivating that you will be proud to place it directly on the dinner table.
  • to serve the hot baking dish on the table without trivets or protections: no more burns!
  • to ensure the hygienic and safe storage of your cooked foods, thanks to the lid and the innovative snap closure system of the side handles
  • to serve different dishes during the meal
  • camping, on a boat, on picnics
  • for barbeques: for this particular use, the Tuttocaldo line with the baking dish can be used for the preparation phases (marinating, keeping the meat stored near the BBQ), for the cooking phases (indirect), after cooking to serve on the dinner table keeping the meat warm and eating all together, including the cook
  • for a new and very useful gift as a gift idea for the kitchen
  • Some advice on how to make the best use of any type of thermal container, whether it is a thermal food carrier, a thermal lunchbox, an insulated container or a thermal food server

  • possibly preheat or pre-cool the thermo container with water
  • always fill the container up to the maximum capacity: the less air remains, the longer the thermal performance and the greater the amount of food, the easier it will be to maintain its temperature
  • each container has a different thermal performance, which varies according to the materials used and the inner capacity. Therefore, be sure you select the most correct one for your purpose
  • For more information regarding the specific products, we suggest that you carefully read the Use&Care leaflet included in each product.

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